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Tanzania’s farming community takes center stage in new nationally broadcast radio show

Launching nationwide on July 18th, the Kumekucha radio drama will highlight the role of women and youth in contributing to Tanzania’s food security.

Top artistes like Bongo movie star, JB, comedians Mau and Monica Sizya, and renowned musicians, ‘JFK’ John Katime and Mataluma, feature in a new, talent-rich radio drama set in Tanzania’s farming heartland.

The weekly radio serial drama, K

umekucha, celebrates the lives, struggles and potential of Tanzania’s farming communities. It goes to air on July 18th across the nation and will broadcast weekly, in partnership with Radio Free Africa (National), Abood FM (Morogoro), Ebony FM (Iringa) and Bomba FM (Mbeya).

Kumekucha will take audiences on a stimulating audio journey into the world of small-scale farmers in the SAGCOT corridor. The radio drama will focus on the roles of women and youth in agriculture.

Tanzania’s agricultural sector is a key driver of social and economic development in Tanzania, generating 25% of GDP and 24% of exports.  Agriculture employs over 75% of Tanzania’s population with a labor force largely provided by women and youth.

While women are central to Tanzania’s food security, they are least involved in household decision-making and have little say in how the fruits of their labour are spent.

Existing legal frameworks and socio-cultural norms limit women’s economic opportunities because they don’t own land, or lack access to farm equipment, water resources and credit, which they need to be economically successful. These barriers prevent women from escaping poverty, providing valuable nutrition to their families and reaching their full potential as farmers.

Similarly, young people represent nearly a third of the agriculture labor force, and yet their jobs are often temporary, informal and vulnerable to seasonal contracts without benefits.

Kumechucha was prepared by Africa Lead, in conjunction with Media For Development International (MFDI), and funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The makers of Kumekucha, MFDI, previously produced the long-running radio drama Wahapahapa and the engaging TV series, Siri ya Mtungi.

Kumekucha has been designed in close consultation with the Tanzania Food and Nutrition Center (TFNC), Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA), ACDI VOCA – NAFAKALand O Lakes, RUDI, MWANZO BORA, The Rice Council of Tanzania, Technoserve, ANSAF (Non State Action Forum) and AMSHA (Youth in Agribusiness Forum).

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On July 6, 2016

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