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Lightness was pregnant at sixteen. She was kicked out of her parents’ home in Mbeya and came to live with her grandmother, Bibi Salama, who runs the best liquor joint in Lunyanja Village.

Bibi Salama reckons that her granddaughter is aptly named, and she will tell Lightness: “The day you came to Lunyanja, my life filled up with Lightness…”

Lightness takes care of her young son, Davido, helps her grandmother in the kilabu and tends her small plot of land. She has learned to steer clear of the gossiping village women and the men who think she’s available. Lightness is no pushover.

She connects with Vuli who is a social misfit, much like she feels. His innovative views on agriculture are amazing to her and she quickly sees the potential that farming could have for her and her grandmother. She is one of the first village youths to join Vuli in his cooperative venture, Jiongeze.

Lightness was hurt once. She doesn’t want another relationship to spoil her life. Besides, she does not want to risk her involvement in an exciting, lucrative agricultural project for the sake of an unpromising romance. So, Mashoto will either have to join in… or move on.


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On July 8, 2016

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