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Mashoto grew up in the countryside around Lunyanja, be he has no ambitions to farm. He’d rather run away to the city than end up doing menial piecemeal jobs to get by. He is bitter that his mother wasted her life toiling on the soil. He disrespects his father.

Mashoto’s father has no faith that his son will ever come to anything. He has given up on Mashoto, much like Sanga has given up on happiness.

Mashoto leaves his father’s home and rents a room near the market centre, from Kidevu, a local middleman who leases the council warehouse. Mashoto works at Kidevu’s warehouse where he learns the system of exploitation that has allowed Kidevu to control prices of produce from the local farmers, without competition.

Kidevu employs local bullies to run his business. Can Mashoto put up with layabouts and thieves like Nunda, Gambula and Fido? Will he fall in, or move out?

Mashoto’s life changes when he meets Lightness. Will Lightness be enough to keep him in Lunyanja? Or is it time to hit the city?

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On July 8, 2016

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